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Payger is a multi-currency e-wallet enabling its users to transfer, receive, and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies including BTS and BitShares smartcoins in a P2P network. Leveraging the BitShares Blockchain Payger delivers instant cross-border payments at low costs over thousands of digital assets.

The Challenge

One of the Payger target industries is remittance where the team aims to challenge the way legacy players such as Western Union or MoneyGram enable immigrant workers to send money home. The Payger team was looking for a scalable blockchain solution that meets their business demands.

  • Transferring money today costs on average 8% in FX fees plus corresponding bank and intermediary fees. Using Bitcoin or Ethereum as alternatives still come with high transaction fees and high volatility costs.

  • One of the most significant pain points for immigrant workers sending remittance is the long waiting time until their money arrives and the intransparent process. The users have now insight where their money is during the transfer, and how much longer it takes until the beneficiary can claim it.

The Solution

Building on BitShares, Payger can now transfer and settle money directly skipping the intermediary networks and leverage the P2P payments network. Payger now sources liquidity and new currencies from global suppliers and can offer unlimited FX trade pairs thanks to the shared BitShares decentralized exchange.

  • BitShares offers cost-effective transaction with fees as low as $0.01 USD per transfer, regardless of the volume. All fees are managed and kept in balance by the BitShares committee and are adjusted to meet market demands. Thanks to the predictable fees Payger can now offer better services to millions of immigrant workers today.

  • With more than 3,300 transactions per second, the BitShares Blockchain can process more than the Mastercard and Visa Network combined and is the ideal partner for Payger. All transfers are real-time traceable and verified by the Blockchain in seconds enabling Payger to provide a better customer experience.

The results in numbers

3.5 sec

Cross-Border Payment Duration


Savings per Payment


Estimated Annual Savings


Users signed up for Beta

The Result: A cost-effective and fast payment service.

Within the first months of launching with the BitShares blockchain, Payger set the foundation for a new global payment network connecting users around the world – an achievement the team credits to the strong network effect and commitment to the same goals, which they share with the BitShares community.

The BitShares blockchain allowed Payger to leapfrog years of development time and to launch a full payment and money remittance app in record speed. Transfers, settlement, trade, and more are entirely outsourced to the BitShares Blockchain and their elected Governance.

Transferring money should be as easy as sending a message.

Paying out money is complicated by stringent laws and regulation including KYC, sanctions screening, and regulatory restrictions (and it only gets more complex internationally). We have spent years designing the simplest, highest-converting ways to onboard marketplace recipients.

BitShares blockchain opens doors to new opportunities.

Building on the BitShares blockchain opens your business to an interconnected global community of financial services. Connect with millions of new users, skip the intermediary networks and trade frictionless with your business partners in real-time.

Open access to the next generation financial backbone. Connect your business and build new products and services on the fastest blockchain tailored to serve you, the users. What door will you choose?

New Corporate Clients

Join Remittance Business

Access New Financial Products

Investment and Trade Opportunities

“We consider ourselves a challenger FinTech unleashed to succeed through raw Blockchain power. With the BitShares blockchain our costs are lower than with any other payment and clearing system, which allows us to invest in new fields of business.”

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