Powering the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange

OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange that enables hundred thousand of users to invest, trade and manage their portfolio 24/7 all within their web browser. Leveraging the internal decentralized exchange OpenLedger shares the same order books, liquidity and digital assets with all other business and exchanges on the BitShares blockchain.

The Challenge

Every exchange suffers from insufficient liquidity, empty order books and slow settlement times. One step further decentralized exchanges are challenged to keep up with user demands, missing a scalable trading engine that can handle hundred thousand of orders per second from across the globe.

  • Exchange operators and professional traders are attracted by in-depth order books and high liquidity. Starting your own crypto exchange or money transfer business costs you a lot of extra money to attract new users, add liquidity and run your own market makers.

  • One of the biggest pain points for crypto exchanges operators and users is the risk of getting hacked. Since the beginning, more than USD 1 billion in crypto assets have been stolen or lost through cyber criminals and insider hacking. Everyone on a centralized exchange is at risk to lose all of their funds at any time.

The Solution

Building on the BitShares blockchain enables OpenLedger to offer an attractive, secure and fast decentralized exchange platform. Through sharing the same order books with all other exchanges on the BitShares blockchain OpenLedger takes full advantage of deep liquidity and full order books within a global marketplace.

  • The BitShares blockchain core solution is the decentralized exchange connecting exchanges, market makers and financial institutions and their users on the same marketplace. It is like New York stock exchange, London stock exchange and Tokyo stock exchange would merge all their markets and trade on one common global market together.

  • At the BitShares blockchain, most crypto assets are stored and managed within segregated user accounts. One account can hold multiple assets at the same time and is controlled by the associated private key. To steal money from the OpenLedger user base, criminals would need to hack each user separately which is cost and time intensive hence unattractive. Thanks to the BitShares blockchain OpenLedger users funds are more secure than on other exchanges.

The results in numbers

1.5 sec

Trade and Settlement


Tradable Digital Assets

$10 mio

avg 24h trading volume


Users on OpenLedger

The Result: A liquid and secure decentralized exchange

Within the first 12 months of launching with  the BitShares blockchain, OpenLedger became one of the leading decentralized exchanges with hundreds of active trade pairs, low fees and instant settlement times – an achievement the team credits to the substantial network effects and passionate crypto community who demand secure, fast and efficient exchanges.

The BitShares blockchain allowed OpenLedger to leapfrog years of development time and to launch a full decentralized exchange in record speed. Transfers, settlement, trade, and more are entirely outsourced to the BitShares blockchain and shared with other exchanges and financial institutions.



BitShares opens doors to new opportunities

Building on the BitShares blockchain opens your business to an interconnected global community of financial services. Connect with millions of new users, skip the intermediary networks and trade frictionless with your business partners in real-time.

Open access to the next generation financial backbone. Connect your business and build new products and services on the fastest blockchain tailored to serve you, the users. What door will you choose?

New Corporate Clients

Join Remittance Business

Access New Financial Products

Investment and Trade Opportunities

“Part of the service that OpenLedger offers via the BitShares network and the OpenLedger crypto gateways is for the user to exchange their crypto holding into BTS or aforementioned stablecoins for unique hedging purposes and then store their virtual currencies securely.”

A social payment platform made possible with the BitShares technology.

Leveraging the BitShares Blockchain Payger delivers instant cross-border payments at low costs with over thousands of digital assets.

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Rudex becomes the first Russian decentralized exchange for digital assets - in partnership with BitShares Blockchain.

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