A revolution in banking

It’s all about digital… the BitShares Blockchain is setting new standards for all kind of financial services. Based on blockchain technology, the platform was developed for the financial industry, and it is open to everyone.

It allows for frictionless and lightning fast global payments with at least 3,300 transactions per second. Programmable digital assets can be traded freely and without counterparty risk. It is easy to handle and top secure.

The BitShares Blockchain outperforms outdated traditional payment engines

Taking a close look at the infrastructure traditionally used to move huge amounts of money around the world every day, it reveals that it is unreliable, slow and intransparent.

The BitShares Blockchain instead, relies on a blockchain based system engineered to meet today’s global demands of the digital economy thus connecting financial institutions and individuals. They all enter one shared global financial ecosystem in order to create values, effect payments or trade assets on the internal exchange.

The platform supports a wide range of token classes including user issued assets and price stable crypto currencies called SmartCoins. Latter are designed to be pegged to real- life currencies or assets introducing fiat like currencies on a blockchain.

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Unlike all other financial platforms that exchange debt in form of “I owe you” IOU, the BitShares Blockchain allows for exchanging collateralized digital assets or full money: SmartCoins.

The BitShares ecosystem issues and provides SmartCoins with BTS (bitshares) being the native currency. Deposited as collateral, BTS backs stable cryptocurrencies and other financial products. Thus SmartCoin tokens like bitUSD, bitCNY or bitGold are 200% BTS backed. They can freely be exchanged and the blockchain enforces that 100% of the collateral value can be redeemed at any time.

The BTS backed coins redefine money and are in strong contrast to today’s fractional reserve banking and debt economy. All in all, BitShares is a fully-fledged exchange and financial ecosystem with collateralized tokens tied to real-life assets.

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Discover new business models using the BitShares Blockchain

There are endless possibilities of using the BitShares platform for your application and services. Smart contracts are used to create Smartcoins like BitUSD, BitCNY or BitAAPL. Enforced by the blockchain, they are tied to the value of real-life underlyings like currencies, commodities or derivates of all kind, thus enabling financial institutions to build new blockchain based payment systems with stable assets. There is no need to sell assets quickly only to avoid a volatile performance of the crypto currency which would be typical for first-generation crypto currencies.

With all of that, there are sheer endless ways of using BitShares for financial applications and services with considerably low fees and no counterparty risk incurred.

Transfer money in just a few seconds

Pay invoices via email

Trade digital assets

Build secure loyalty systems

Mobile banking

Multi currency & asset wallets

Our numbers speak for themselves


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Just a few out of numerous reasons to build on the BitShares Blockchain

Global Access Unlimited

The BitShares Blockchain gives easy and limitless access to a new and unique global payment infrastructure build for the digital economy.

Unmatched Speed

With up to 3,300 transactions per second, each transfer is settled after three seconds at the latest. That is 1.7 times more than Visa and Mastercard combined can process.

Total Transparency

Our real-time traceability of funds ensures full transparency along the payment life-cycle – the instant money check around the clock.

Reduction of Costs

The extremely efficient BitShares Blockchain system with no commission fees or hidden expenses allows for exceptionally low costs: less than $0.01 USD per transfer, no matter where the beneficiary is based.

Utmost Security and Protection

With the latest blockchain framework the BitShares infrastructure is one of the most secure in the industry protecting individuals and businesses.

Strong Governance

The BitShares platform is regulated through elected representatives who can adjust key blockchain parameters meeting latest and highest market demands.

Innovative Financial Instruments

Creating, trading and paying with multiple available financial instruments on the BitShares Blockchain: currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds, derivatives and more.

A smart toolkit for developers to build their own financial service

The BitShares Blockchain is more than a new payment system. The open source blockchain platform can be used as a smart toolkit with all necessary features for innovators to create their own financial service according to their individual needs and preferences.

Amongst others, the wide range of financial instruments covers currencies, stocks, bonds, derivates, global peer-to-peer payments, micro transactions, recurring payments, escrow features or crowdfunding.

All kind of new and individual vehicles, currencies or tokens may be issued and traded due to the architecture of the BitShares Blockchain as a decentralized exchange with shared order books and instant settlement.

All it takes is to join the community, connect one’s business, and benefit from a shared financial infrastructure designed for the digital economy.

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Benefit for business – how companies profit from the BitShares Blockchain

This website is a community based fanpage about the BitShares Blockchain. Official website is www.bitshares.foundation

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